Watch the original Woolrich Arctic Parka take on the Hell-ements and experience the calm before the storm unfold before your eyes. In the video “FOR WHATEVER THE WORLD THROWS AT YOU!” produced in collaboration with DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector, you can see how this iconic garment is made to resist the Hell-elements.

Throughout the course of history, fierce winds, lashing rains and other bizarre weather phenomenon have challenged people’s everyday lives. That was until Woolrich combined the innovative properties of NEW DuPont™ Teflon® Shield+ fabric protector with its iconic Arctic Parka Coat. The Woolrich Arctic Parka does not only look good, it also protects you from the unforgiving elements; wind, rain, snow, and hale, and the dirt and grime of a long hard winter. Whether it is rain or the unexpected falling from the skies, spilling coffee or hot chocolate whilst sitting on a wintery terrace, or getting splashed by dirty puddle water whilst walking down the street, the Arctic Parka is protected by Teflon® Shield + fabric protector to keep it looking newer for longer.

Water and oil-based liquids simply bead-up and roll off or can be wiped away with a cloth or paper towel. Dried on mud and dirt can be brushed off easily. Woolrich Arctic Parka’s protected by Teflon® Shield + fabric protector are more durable and therefore do not need to be replaced as frequently so you can enjoy the iconic style, comfort and protection for longer.

The Woolrich Arctic Parka with Teflon® Shield + fabric protector: NOTHING MESSES WITH IT!


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